The emotions related to cancer can vary from person to person and from one day to the next. At New Day Foundation, we provide counseling services to help you cope with the range of feelings you, and the people close to you, may experience.  Services are offered by a fully licensed professional who will provide competent mental health services in a caring, confidential environment.

Counseling Services are offered complimentary to qualified families. Durations and terms are on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed in initial session.


Counseling Partner: TRIAD

New Day Foundation is proud to work with and refer Triad Counseling Centers in Clarkston to serve qualified New Day families. TRIAD is committed to providing comprehensive, high quality, professional treatment in our diagnostic, therapeutic, and psychiatric services. They offer out-patient therapy and psychiatric services to individuals in northern Oakland County and surrounding areas. Triad is a CARF accredited agency.

Triad also conducts Psychological Testing for Diagnosis Clarification; Pre-Surgical Testing for Bariatric/Pain Control Neuropsychological testing for TBI; IQ testing and ADHD testing for Children. 248-625-2970


Types of Counseling

Individual Counseling
Provides a one-on-one interaction with a counselor to talk about troubling circumstances, thoughts, and feelings. The counselor will listen attentively, express caring concern, ask questions, and offer feedback

Couple & Family Counseling
When meeting with a couple or with multiple family members, a counselor listens objectively to all participants and helps identify how specific thoughts and behaviors may be contributing to conflict. Family members learn new ways to support one another during stressful times.

Group Counseling
A group of individuals with similar concerns may meet together with a counselor who leads the discussion and provides support and guidance. Individuals learn from both the counselor’s insights and the perspectives of the other members of the group.