Our Team

New Day Foundation was founded by and for people who have lived through the devastating realities of cancer. We are survivors, caregivers and friends.

For information about our Board of Directors click here, and for our Advisory Board click here.

Gina Kell Spehn, Co-Founder and President
Josephine Long, Director of Community Engagement
Chrissie Jo Stock, MA, LLPC Social Worker and Professional Counselor
Lisa Garr, Family Coordinator
Heather Blasko, Public Relations
Wendy Christie, Marketing Director



Lindsay Baldwin
Cathy Beck
Kim Birmingham
Kristen Bull
George Bundy
Tami Callahan
Rachel Dolecki
Mary Claire Elmer
Tracy Gottschalk
Dave Halvorson
Melissa Hammett
Lisa Hill
Gina Hockstad
Rodney Hulbert
Scott Hunter

Mark Jordan
Kate Keller
Spencer Krauss
Annie Kuntzman
Kristen Labara
Sharon Lakatosh
Bonnie Larivee
Jeff Layer
Gerri Linder
Pete Linder
Kate Long
Mary Beth Olszewski
Pat Olszewski
Janet Ostin
Lora Powers

Suzanne Preuss
Kristen Reiter
Colleen Schomaker
Gretchen Schumann
Amy Shelata
Leanne Stevens
Patty Sweeney
Dennis Talluto
Anna Thaut
Ashley Thompson
Tony Vespa, Esq.
Sara Whedon
Charles Wickins
Cindy Woodhull
Mickey York