Emotional Support Partners

New Day Foundation for Families is committed to alleviating the emotional burden of cancer. Through this program, individuals with cancer and their families can pursue emotional care in the midst of their cancer journey. Please review the “Mental Health Professional Agreement” document and complete the questionnaire through the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to provide emotional support through this program?
Licensed therapists and grief consultants with a heart and desire to serve individuals and families walking through the cancer journey.

How does a mental health professional become part of the Emotional Support Program?
An interested mental health professional (MHP) will complete the Emotional Support Questionnaire found on the New Day Foundation for Families website to provide information about specialties, experience, and motivation. Next, the emotional support program manager will contact the MHP to review the Program Overview, the Mental Health Professional Agreement, as well as information provided in the questionnaire. Lastly, the MHP will receive an email with the Mental Health Professional Agreement to sign electronically through DocuSign.

How will payment occur during participation in the program?
The MHP agrees to provide at least 1 pro bono 50-minute session. Each 50-minute session once a week will be $60 up to 7 additional sessions for a total of 8 sessions. The MHP may choose to bill the participant’s insurance if there will be no cost to the participant. To receive payment through New Day, the MHP must submit an invoice or a New Day Emotional Support Program – Communication Form” and a check will be made out and sent.

How many individuals does a mental health professional need to commit to serving?
New Day asks that mental health professionals see at least one New Day individual/family per calendar year to participate in this program. There is no maximum number of New Day families that a mental health professional must serve.

Where will counseling appointments take place?
Sessions may take place in the physical location where the therapist sees patients as well as through HIPAA-approved TeleHealth programs.

Who qualifies to receive services through this program?
Individuals impacted by cancer. This may include but is not limited to individuals with an active cancer diagnosis, their family members living in the home with them, surviving spouses, individuals in transition out of treatment, etc.

How does an individual/family become part of the Emotional Support Program?
Individuals may be referred by their medical team, through contacting us through our website, social media, and/or phone call. When New Day receives a notice of interest, the emotional support program manager will contact them to gather any additional information beneficial for care. Once that is complete, the individual will be provided the name and contact information of a mental health professional and a “New Day Emotional Support Program – Participant Release of Information” form will be emailed through DocuSign for electronic signature. The individual will be responsible to call the mental health professional to schedule the appointment.