Emotional Support

How can counseling help?

When most people hear “cancer treatment,” they think of chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery. This list neglects a crucial component of the cancer care journey: Emotional Support.

Emotional support plays an important role in the holistic care of a person with cancer and their loved one. By taking care of our mental and emotional wellbeing, we can have a positive impact on how we handle the stress of a diagnosis, the choices around treatment, and the way we relate to others during this challenging time.

At New Day, we have teamed up with local professional licensed counselors to provide counseling services for our families at a discounted rate through our grant program. For more information on our counseling program and our grant program, please contact our office. In addition to counseling, there are other components of emotional support care that can be beneficial. We have a list of books, support groups, and other resources that can offer care and support.


Judith A Persley, MA, LMSW for New Day

Judith is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist specializing in Anxiety and Trauma disorders.  Judith also earned her Certification in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling while working with a consortium specializing in opiate addiction, formed by the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Detroit Medical Center Department of Psychiatry.  Judith earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Wayne State University, and a Masters in Human Resource Administration from Central Michigan University. Judith is currently the owner/operator of Creekside Counseling of Michigan in Shelby Township, Michigan, where she practices.