Financial Assistance

To apply, please contact your oncology social worker, and download and complete the expense worksheet below. Worksheet may also be used as a personal budgeting tool. For cancer families looking for help from a financial planner, please call (248) 648-1105.

To qualify for assistance, you must:
  • Have a household consisting of a parent and at least one dependent.
  • Have an immediate family member in treatment for a cancer diagnosis.
  • Be represented by a health care professional, social worker or financial navigator to begin application process.
  • Applicant must demonstrate financial hardship and identify specific expenses for which they need assistance.
  • Reside in the state of Michigan.
To apply for assistance:
  • Application must be received through an oncology social worker or financial navigator at a hospital or cancer center.
  • If you don’t know your social worker or if your social worker is not familiar with New Day, we can help.
    Call us at (248) 648-1105 for guidance.

Social Workers and Financial Navigators: CLICK HERE to log-in to our Application Portal

Expense Worksheet: CLICK HERE  to download a copy for personal use; or submit completed worksheet to your oncology social worker to upload with your application.

Financial Planning

New Day works with Greenpath and other qualified financial planners to provide long term financial coaching for families in crisis. With this program, families can learn about the financial side effects of cancer and how they can manage them. Get the support and tools to manage your debt — or avoid a financial crisis altogether.

Health Insurance Resources

New Day uses a technology platform called TailorMed to access the resources needed to alleviate the financial burden of cancer on patients. The software proactively identifies patients with the highest financial risk, offers personalized funding opportunities and can even enroll patients to qualifying programs. TailorMed is not only for those in immediate financial crisis, but is designed to pro-actively equip all newly diagnosed patients with options to minimize financial burden.

  • Insurance benefit investigation and optimization: TailorMed checks a patient’s health plans for up-to-date benefit status and for unused or under-utilized benefit eligibility. It will identify opportunities of benefit maximization, enrollment to additional coverage, or replacement to a more cost-effective health plan.
  • Out-of-pocket projections: The software can project out-of-pocket costs for complex episodes of care based on the patient’s insurance benefits, treatment plan and provider rates. The out-of-pocket estimation provides transparency for patients, and will ideally lead to lower out-of-pocket expenses with an increased level of care.
  • Cost optimization: Analysis, identification and enrollment of patients’ opportunities for financial assistance programs, government plans and insurance optimization. Includes: pharma copays, free/replacement drugs, local and nationwide foundations, and state and federal government plans.