Grocery Shop & Deliver

Volunteer to help a local family fighting cancer

photo of a man and woman wearing masks with a trunkful o groceriesVolunteering to grocery shop and deliver to a family fighting cancer will minimize a patient’s risk of exposure to viruses. This act of kindness provides protection and eliminates hunger for cancer patients and families who are highly vulnerable while in treatment.

How you can help:

You will receive a grocery list and contact information for a local family. You will grocery shop and coordinate a time to make a contactless delivery. Submit your grocery receipt to New Day for reimbursement or receive a tax receipt if you decide to make an in-kind donation instead.

woman wearing mask in a parking lot with a shopping cart of groceries By simply spending a little time in the car (think audio book or perhaps student driver hours) you can do a world of good.

To get involved or for more information about the program, contact


The New Day Grocery Delivery Program is supported in part with grant funding from United Way of Southeastern Michigan. The Kroger Co. of Michigan and BSP Law are also proud supporters of the program.