Group Support

Gilda’s Club

The Gilda’s Club is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 1998, that is available in multiple areas and offers support groups, education lectures, workshops, children/teen specific activities and groups, bereavement support groups, and social events for men, women, teens and children living with cancer, as well their families and friends.  For additional information visit their website at or call (248) 577-0800.


Hospital Groups

St. Joseph Mercy, Karmanos, McLaren Health, Henry Ford Cancer Institute, Beaumont Health systems all provide support groups for patients.  Some health systems (including Karmanos) offer group support services, even if treatment is not being pursued at that particular location.  Connect with the Oncology Social Worker for information on support groups and other available sources of support.


Counseling Centers

A counseling center often consists of several independent counselors working with a variety of patients.  Though the primary focus is one-on-one therapy, in addition centers may host support groups with clients referred from independent counselors.  If you have the opportunity to work with a counselor, be sure to inquire about any support groups available that may provide additional support.