The Believe Foundation has joined forces with New Day to become Believe for a New Day. The new entity will continue to raise money in the effort to support families fighting cancer, but all fundraising will be directed to New Day Foundation for Families.

The Believe Foundation was founded in 2009 by Jim and Joann Deliz as a way to honor Joann’s fight with breast cancer. By folding their efforts into a larger organization, the Deliz family can broaden their reach and help more families affected by cancer. The mission and name of New Day Foundation for Families will remain unchanged. This shift will point all fundraising efforts to New Day, while still maintaining the Believe name/brand, which so many have come to know and love.

“We are all working toward the same goal — to help families fighting cancer,” said Gina Kell Spehn, co-Founder of New Day Foundation. “Having the Deliz family and their support system as a part of New Day only strengthens our ability to do so. We’re looking forward to doing great things together to honor our loved ones and all those battling cancer.”

Believe for a New Day Press Release


Nationwide, hundreds of nonprofits share our vision to eliminate financial toxicity. New Day is proud to partner with these like-minded organizations through the LiFT Network, powered by Boston-based Family Reach

LiFT Network members share a common goal of reducing the financial burden of cancer. This collaboration strengthens the fight against financial toxicity and expands support for families. Together, through shared research and resources, we are reaching more families in need nationwide. Together, we are stronger.