Legacy Endowment

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”


After ten years of faithfully serving the cancer community, your support of a Legacy Endowment will help further our mission and ensure growth and sustainability for generations to come. Transformational gifts and meaningful gifts of all sizes will help New Day deepen our roots so we can be here for families who don’t yet know they need us.

To learn more, please contact Gina Kell Spehn.

Vision for the Future

There is no budget for cancer! Let’s make sure we’re here to help those who face income loss and increased expenses as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

Since 2007, New Day Foundation has relied on a deep understanding of the burdens of living with cancer, strong values (honesty, transparency, hard work, passion), and a supportive community to establish ourselves as a reliable, high-impact nonprofit. Our team of qualified, dedicated individuals believe in our mission and are committed to families who suffer from the emotional stress and financial toxicity caused by cancer.

Endowment funds will be invested conservatively to generate revenue that will be used to reinvest and grow the principal balance, fund new and existing programs, and cover critical operating expenses.