New Day’s approach to reducing the financial burden of cancer includes three core programs:

Financial Assistance

New Day pays critical living expenses for families with a pediatric or adult cancer patient in active treatment. Payments are made directly to creditors for mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, transportation, fuel, childcare, and more. The chart below shows the breakdown of grant funds paid in 2020.

Emotional Support

New Day partners with licensed therapists who agree to offer pro bono mental health services in a caring, confidential environment. We send each family a custom Care Pack containing comfort items such as blankets, prayer shawls, journals, stress toys, candy for chemo mouth, age-appropriate books and more.

Financial Planning

We utilize TailorMed software to predict financial burden in the early stages of a diagnosis. With this we optimize insurance plans and minimize out-of-pocket medical costs and prescriptions. New Day also works with Greenpath and other qualified financial planners to provide long term financial solutions for families in crisis.

Additional New Day Programs:

Grocery Delivery Program

New Day provides assistance with grocery shopping/delivery to help those who are immune-suppressed and need to avoid busy stores. A network of New Day volunteers shop and deliver groceries to minimize health risks and food insecurity for cancer patients. All patients currently in cancer treatment are eligible.

Hope for the Holidays

No child should go without at the holidays. New Day’s Hope for the Holidays program strives to soften the financial impact faced by cancer families during the holiday season. When we provide gifts for a family, it’s not just about giving gifts — it’s an effort to restore normalcy, joy and hope to their lives.