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Programs & Services

Every family’s needs are unique. Our job is to alleviate their greatest financial and emotional burdens to reduce the effects of financial toxicity and improve treatment outcomes and survivorship. Qualified applicants have either a parent or child currently undergoing cancer treatment in the state of Michigan, and must have dependent children under the age of 18 living in the home.

Positive Impact Program

New Day offers bill payment services (excluding medical bills, credit cards and vacations) to families who have suffered significant income loss as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

Bill Payment Services Include:
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Utilities
  • Auto payments/repairs
  • Insurance
  • Home maintenance/repairs
  • Funeral expenses
  • Children’s Services
    • Daycare
    • School clothing/supplies
    • Pay-to-Participate school activities

Counseling Program

New Day has a social worker and professional counselor on staff who offers a limited number of complimentary counseling sessions to our families on an ongoing basis.

Care Pack Program

Care Packs welcome families to New Day and let them know we care. Each family receives a customized care package filled with comfort items and helpful resources such as blankets, inspirational and educational books, Livestrong Guidebooks and other partner resources, music, journals stuffed animals, mugs, toys and more.

Caring With Cards

Caring with Cards is a gift card program to provide food, clothing and fuel to families in need. As good stewards of every dollar, New Day is a member of Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC), a program that allows us to order major retailer gift cards at full face value (Meijer, Speedway, Target, WalMart, etc.) and receive a percentage of each purchase donated back to New Day.

Anyone can order gift cards and give back to New Day. Simply go to; click on the “Register” button. Then, click “Join a Scrip Program” and enter New Day’s unique enrollment code: 8D1CCEB644179. Using this code will ensure that New Day receives the benefits of your purchase, ensures your cards are delivered securely to our offices, and will link your account activity with our organization.

Single Parent Program

The Single Parent Program is an offshoot of our Positive Impact Program, but designed specifically to address the unique burdens of a single parent family faced with cancer. Single parents often have a greater need for physical, financial and emotional support than their married counterparts. According to social workers at Beaumont Hospital, some single parents forego treatment, and risk their lives, due to lack of support and funding for childcare and/or transportation. This should never be an option.

Holiday Gift Giving Program

Our Holiday Gift Giving Program is designed to bring a smile to the face of every parent and child living with the realities of cancer, especially during the holidays. Providing gifts for a family isn’t just about presents — it’s a way to help maintain normalcy, infuse joy, and restore hope. For more information on our Holiday Giving Program, please click here.


To find out if you qualify for any of our programs or services, please click here.