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The Sunbeams of Promise

The Petoskey Stone is an enduring symbol of the state of Michigan. The stone was named after an Ottawa chief Petosegay whose name means “rising sun“ or “sunbeams of promise”.

The Light of a New Day

Petoskey stones are formed when many fossils of ancient coral polyps come together to form one beautiful stone. As with this New Day campaign of promise and hope, when many come together something beautiful is created.


Your commitment to the Petoskey Stone Promise is an enduring gift that will directly support patients today, and help secure the financial future of New Day.

By investing together in the cancer community, our collective effort will provide an anchor for patients and their families during the financial and emotional instability caused by cancer, while also laying the groundwork for growth and continued service for generations to come.


New Day promises to always remain true to our mission ­— to provide financial assistance and emotional support to families facing cancer. Cancer patients and their family members are always our #1 priority.

With your help we promise to create a plan to ensure the longevity of New Day and to
be excellent stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We promise to share the good news of your generosity via our Wall of Hope and with our extended cancer community.


When you join the Petoskey Stone Promise you’re playing a pivotal role in sustaining New Day with vital resources and services that can lead to improved cancer treatment outcomes.

Your commitment will help us:
• Increase New Day’s capacity to serve Michigan residents facing cancer
• Increase New Day’s capacity to partner with cancer centers on the front lines
• Provide a safety net for the future (cash reserve)
• Lay the foundation for an endowment that will provide hope for generations to come

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