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Cancer Treatment Impacts Ability to Earn

Jayson, a West Michigan single father who has never missed his son’s practice or ball game, is facing a recurrence of blood cancer. He is a self-employed carpenter and takes pride in his work. However, since his treatment began, he can no longer commit to a job because he doesn’t know how he is going to feel the next day.

“As a carpenter, your reputation rides on your work,” said Jayson. “My phone rings every day, but I have to say no. I don’t want to let someone down.”

When he heard his cancer had returned, he was scared, especially because he was a single father wondering how it could do it all alone.

“I don’t want to lose my home,” was one of Jayson’s first thoughts. “Everything could go back to the bank.”

New Day stepped in to help Jayson with his mortgage, utility bills, car payment and even groceries for he and his son.

“I tried to just say thank you, but I was so overwhelmed, I could barely breathe,” he said upon talking to New Day. “I cried a lot. I’m humbled and have no words.”

Jayson Funkhauser, WMich

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