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Core Values

Our values guide the way we work with our families, communities, and with each other. New Day Foundation for Families is…



The families we serve come first. Always. We care deeply and strive to be good listeners and partners in caregiving. Compassion and understanding are foundational to our mission. We believe that every cancer patient in every community should be treated with dignity, kindness, and compassion and have access to the best possible health care and support services.


You can count on us. New Day is a reliable and trusted resource, and your family is our priority. We are your source for help and hope. 


Integrity is everything. New Day is accountable and committed to maintaining ethical business practices and transparency in all we do. We’re an open book. To learn more, check out our Guidestar profile. 


We’ve got you covered. Cancer is systemic and pervasive, reaching into every aspect of life… physical, financial, emotional, relational. New Day provides the non-medical wrap-around support needed to give every Michigan family a fighting chance. 


We’re better together. New Day partners with hospitals, nonprofit organizations and businesses to improve access to exceptional, patient-focused programs that empower families and improve outcomes. 


We’re problem solvers. Through innovative thinking, partnerships, research, and firsthand experience, we strive to find creative and thoughtful solutions to eliminate the problem of financial toxicity one family at a time.



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