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Holiday Gift Giving Program

The New Day Foundation Holiday Program is designed to help families in active cancer treatment and in need of additional support during the holiday season.  This program furthers our commitment to the idea that “no family should have to fight cancer alone,” especially during the holidays.

How It Works

Our program matches a New Day family with our network of Holiday Program sponsors. We ask that you provide a list of “needs” and “wants” for each immediate family member using the form below.  Once we have the completed list, a matched sponsor will purchase items provided on the list.  Please note, it is not always possible to grant every item on your wish list.

To assist your sponsor in shopping, we ask that you provide sizes, colors, and styles; the more details the better!  Before completing the wish list below, please gather all your family’s needs and wants prior to starting this process.  The application cannot be saved and must be submitted in its entirety.  Feel free to preview the form before starting, but do not begin the application until you are ready to submit it back to New Day.  An email confirmation will be provided to you after you submit your form – please make sure to check your email to ensure confirmation is received.

Return your list as soon as possible – lists must be received by November 3rd. The sooner we can start shopping for your family the better! An email will be sent to you once your sponsor has completed their shopping, wrapping, and delivery to our office.

Gifts may be picked up at the New Day office at 245 Barclay Circle, Suite 300, Rochester Hills.  All pickups must be made no later than December 9th. New Day will coordinate with you if you are unable to pick up your gifts at the office.

The form below is available to our pre-selected families.


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