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New Day works with pre-screened, licensed therapists with a heart and desire to serve individuals and families walking through the cancer journey.

Kristine Berryman headshot

Kris Berryman

Kris graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University in 2015. She has her clinical social work license in the state of Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Kris specializes in the treatment of adults, adolescents and children. She uses a variety of person-centered, trauma-informed and strengths-based methodologies in her practice. Kris is skilled with treating a variety of life’s challenges, including adoption and foster care, identity, relationships, depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, body image/self-esteem issues, Obsessive-compulsive disorders and life transitions. She is expertly trained in numerous clinical utilities, including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Attachment Focused EMDR, Brainspotting, Child-Centered play therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Kris believes that within each person lies the capacity for emotional healing, no matter their current or prior life experiences.

Location: Zeeland; Virtual

CONTACT: (317) 220-6333; kristine@headwaterscounseling.net

Woman headshot

Kim Birmingham

It is an extremely brave step to enter into therapy. I am truly honored to be invited into the lives of my clients. I provide a safe non-judgmental atmosphere where my clients feel comfortable exploring their innermost thoughts and feelings. Therapy is about identifying beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors that hold people back from achieving their highest potential. If therapy is successful, a client will develop the hope, clarity, courage and self-acceptance necessary to make positive changes in their life.

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression and grief and loss issues. I have extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings doing individual, group and family therapy. I utilize an eclectic approach drawing upon evidence-based practices relying largely upon Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic approaches to treatment. As a Christian I treat my role as therapist as a calling from God. I am always respectful of clients who embrace another faith, or have a secular perspective, and feel very comfortable treating them.

Location: Rochester Hills; Virtual

CONTACT: (248) 605-5177; kbbirm@mac.com


Ryan Brooks

I am a cancer counseling specialist and psychotherapist working in private practice for over 15 years. Although my practice specializes in cancer-focused counseling, I have extensive experience and training working with grief, depression, chronic illness, PTSD, trauma, and anxiety. 

My training includes a BSc of psychology at the University of Michigan, a Master’s in Counseling and Psychotherapy at Dublin City University, and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Wayne State University, with advanced training in marriage and family therapy. 

I work to make my therapy integrative with a person-centered core, offering a warm, non-judgmental, and safe space where personal exploration of your concerns can begin. I bring my training and experience in multiple theoretical approaches to therapy including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), existential, and humanistic. This allows me to work with clients with a broad spectrum of concerns while offering the most effective, research-based interventions and support. My approach to relationship therapy incorporates strategies primarily from John Gottman, emotion-focused therapy, and IMAGO. These approaches provide couples with the necessary tools to improve communication, reduce conflict, and achieve the connection and intimacy they seek. 

Location: Farmington Hills; Virtual

CONTACT: (248) 225-1871; ryan@brooks-psychotherapy.com

Rebecca Broome pic

Rebecca Broome

I am a Masters Level Social Worker licensed in the state of Michigan with over 15 years experience helping people cope with difficult seasons of life.
After earning my Master’s Degree from Wayne State University, I worked as a case manager and therapist with children and adults experiencing significant and persistent mental illness in Saginaw, MI. I have extensive trainings and experience using a wide range of evidenced based practices including EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, Integrated Dual Diagnosis treatment and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I am also a certified trainer in the Women’s Trauma Recovery and Empowerment model.

Location: Brighton; Virtual

CONTACT: (810) 207-5725; rebecca@anchorpointofhope.com

Jillian Cloutier pic 2

Jillian Cloutier

Life is too short to just be going through the motions. You deserve a safe space to be able to explore and process your emotions on your own time. My goal is to help hold that space for you to feel empowered to create change and feel validated in your experiences. It’s never too late to start healing. 

My training and professional work includes working with individuals/groups experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma and assault, grief, loss, those who identify as LGBTQIA+, and general life transitions. While working with clients in a collaborative manner, I customize my approach to each individual and utilize a variety of therapeutic methods to be centered around you and your needs. I hope to talk with you soon. 

Location: Bloomfield Hills; Virtual

CONTACT: (734) 335-0028; jillian@simplymindfulcounseling.com

Salena best pic

Selena Corner

I am a therapist skilled in individual, group, and couples counseling and have been providing therapeutic services for over 20 years. I have experience in helping people manage anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ADHD. I have extensive experience in helping those who have suffered trauma. I also have experience working with those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

I see my clients as strong, brave individuals who are capable of overcoming obstacles. It is important to me that we have an open and honest relationship filled with trust and mutual respect. Walking along side of you in your journey and helping you to discover your strength and courage is my number one priority.

Location: Jenison; Virtual

CONTACT: (616) 765-8585; tahomacounseling616@gmail.com

Tami Fradette headshot 2022

Tami Fradette

There are times in our life when our challenges feel as if they are too much to bear on our own. We have all experienced times of feeling alone and challenged by our life struggles. No matter what you are feeling, or what you may have been told, there is hope. My approach is holistic in nature, non-judgmental, empathetic, and compassionate. I walk alongside you as we explore your thoughts and feelings, to help better understand yourself, and find ways to create healthy alternatives as you move forward in your life. I am honored to accompany, advocate, and empower you in your unique healing journey of growth.

My areas of focus are grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, mind-body, spirituality, trauma healing, stress reduction, and life-balance.

Location: Bellevue; Virtual

CONTACT: (517) 980-2128; tami.fradette@gmail.com

Alisa Glass pic

Alisa Glass-Schmock

Alisa is a former Pediatric Oncology Social Worker with Michigan State University for almost 5 years. She desires to work with families as they navigate the difficult journey of a cancer diagnosis. 

Location: Okemos; Virtual

CONTACT: (517) 375-4018; aschmockglass@gmail.com

Mari Graham-Monarch pic

Mari Graham-Monarch

Hi! My name is Mari and I am a graduate of Wayne State University with a masters degree in Social Work and would love to use my over 12 years of experience in the mental health and medical fields to assist you in your journey of healing. If you’re an adult or elderly and you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, health challenges, life transitions, grief and loss, I am passionate about working with you to heal, gain insight and learn new life skills.

Life is a journey with high and lows, paths that go right or left, we win we lose, we laugh we cry and it is my pleasure to meet you where you are and help you heal and grow in a positive direction. Some evidence based practices I use are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strength Based Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques and the Mind, Body, Soul connection. I’m very excited to join this journey with you!

Location: Brighton; Virtual

CONTACT: (810) 474-4796; mari@anchorpointofhope.com

Laurel Martinez picture

Laurel Greenwood-Martinez

Sometimes when you feel broken, you need the help of another to rebuild. But where do you start when you’re seeking a therapist who is empathetic and experience, supportive and compassionate? As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years experience, I promise I am here to offer you a hand, not a judgement. Over two decades, I have worked with individuals, couples, and families specializing in depression, anxiety, grief/loss, bereavement, body image, caregiver stress, family issues, relationship struggles, and adjustment disorders/life transitions. 

In addition to my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Michigan State University, I am also Board Certified in Oncology Social Work and have extensive training in oncology, terminal illness, and medical distress. Whether your goals are immediate or long range, we will work together to create a plan to make positive changes to your life. 

Together we will focus on the real you: your strengths, resources, resilience, core beliefs, coping skills. You’ve spent a lifetime listening to others. Isn’t it finally time to listen to your own voice? Please contact me to schedule your first appointment. I look forward to meeting you.

Location: Clarkston & Troy (opening late 2024); Virtual

Bilingual: English; Spanish

CONTACT: (517) 202-2427; greenwl@hotmail.com

Meagan Hahn picture

Meagan Hahn

Sometimes when you feel broken, you need the help of another to rebuild. But where do you start when you’re seeking a therapist who is empathetic and experience, supportive and compassionate? As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 15 years experience, I promise I am here to offer you a hand, not a judgement. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families specializing in depression, anxiety, grief/loss, bereavement, body image, caregiver stress, family issues, relationship struggles, and adjustment disorders/life transitions for almost 2 decades. 

In addition to my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Michigan State University, I am also Board Certified in Oncology Social Work and have extensive training in oncology, terminal illness, and medical distress. Whether your goals are immediate or long range, we will work together to create a plan to make positive changes to your life.  

Together we will focus on the real you: your strengths, resources, resilience, core beliefs, coping skills. You’ve spent a lifetime listening to others. Isn’t it finally time to listen to your own voice? Please contact me to schedule your first appointment. I look forward to meeting you.

Location: Clarkston & Troy (opening late 2024); Virtual

CONTACT: (586) 215-0552; meagan.claritycounseling@gmail.com

Male headshot

Dave Hamel

Dave has Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Social Work, a post-Master’s Degree in Psychology and over 30 years of experience. He helps people deal with a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, substance abuse, and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Since 2019, his experience as a cancer patient has given him a direct understanding of the impact this illness can have on patients, caregivers, family members and friends. He received tremendous support in his own journey, and is eager to offer a helping hand to others dealing with the life changes that cancer brings. Dave also has extensive training in the therapeutic use of hypnosis, and has found it an especially useful tool in helping people master their anxiety. Dave’s goal is to help you develop the ability to produce the changes you want in your life.

Location: Rochester Hills; Virtual

CONTACT: (248) 321-9305; davidhamel80@gmail.com

Diana Harb El-Sayed

Strength is recognizing that you can’t do it alone. My main goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, open, and nonjudgmental space that focuses on each individual’s life experiences while maintaining the personal beliefs/values of the client to encourage growth and strength. I value the connections my clients create with me as their therapist; creating a connection with your therapist is important to the therapeutic process and will be the driving force of each therapy session. I work with clients collaboratively to explore their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and obstacles to create goals reflecting their desires for therapy. I have experience working with children, teens, and adults. 

The client is the expert on their life, and I am here to help guide and support them. The basis of the therapist-client relationship is trust, respect, empathy, collaboration, and support and are essential to ensure personal growth and healing. I am a dedicated mental health professional passionate about what I do, and I put my heart and soul into my work.

Location: Dearborn; Virtual

CONTACT: (313) 583-7654; dharb@sscounselingconsultingservices.com

THerapist As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Leah Hebert

Hi, my name is Leah, and I would love to help your reach your full potential! If you have been struggling to cope, we can work together to develop a concrete plan and tangible skills you can use to confidently manage your feelings and actions.

My goal is to teach you tools you can use now and in the future to manage life’s inevitable curveballs. I have a special interest in evidence based treatments, such as Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based stress relief (MBSR) strategies. We live in a stress filled, fast-paced world that often demands more than we can handle. We can work together to find ways that will help you navigate life in a smoother way.

Location: Brighton; Virtual

CONTACT: (810) 534-7980; leah@anchorpointofhope.com

Shahin Ip pic 2

Shahin Ip

Cultures are tricky even when we live in the same country. Do you feel it’s difficult to be fully understood? Do you feel “conflict with others” happen often? Sometime we feel lonely, lost, and discouraged when going through life transitions, good or bad. Transition could be a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a new cultural/sexual identity, or even an exciting new job. You don’t have to go through those transitions alone. Therapy is a safe space for you to explore the complex emotions that come with those changes. 

I take an integrative approach in helping my clients realize their own potential to achieve wellness. Knowing Cantonese and Mandarin, it allows me to understand my client’s perspective from their own native language. I am also trained in EMDR therapy that has shown significant results, especially with trauma and PTSD. 

As a Wellness Counselor, my goal is to educate, support, and empower my clients. I aspire to create a safe space where we can explore values, set goals, and implement plans. It would be my pleasure to work along side you to be your supporter. 

Location: Troy; Virtual

Bilingual: Cantonese; English; Mandarin

CONTACT: (586) 697-0103; shahin@saplingcounseling.com

Camille Jarrett headshot(1)

Camille Jarrett

Camille Jarrett is a clinical social worker specializing in working with children, couples, and families. She has years of experience working with children experiencing trauma, abuse, crisis, anxiety, behavioral issues, and other mental health conditions. She also has experience and a passion for working with couples to rebuild connection, trust, and communication. With her compassion and understanding, she strives to create a trusting therapeutic relationship where children, couples, and families feel safe to share their story.

Camille enjoys working with children ages 5 and up, by utilizing play therapy techniques to help children gain comfort and express emotion, which will foster a safe environment to allow the expression of thoughts and feelings. Camille also enjoys working with couples and families of all relationship styles utilizing techniques to facilitate communication.

Camille strives to use a strength-based approach with family and children to break down barriers and build the family dynamic. Camille is trained in Trauma-Informed Therapy, Play and Art Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy.

Location: Jenison; Virtual

CONTACT: (616) 780-2340; camillejarretttahomacounseling@gmail.com

Shantalea Johns Headshot 2021

Shantalea Johns

Shantalea Johns, Ed.D, LMSW, is a licensed clinical social worker, community mental health educator, and certified child and adolescent trauma professional. Shantalea graduated with a master’s degree in social work and a doctorate in education from Wayne State University. She also serves as a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor for the National Council for Behavioral Health and obtained a Telehealth Certification from Old Dominion University. “As a clinical social worker and educator, I believe in educating my clients as we work together to achieve the highest level of mental,  emotional, social, and spiritual balance. In a relaxed therapeutic environment, we will consider internal struggles and the influences of health, personal relationships, school, family history, work, and community on your challenges. You feel heard and respected as we work together to achieve the goals you have set for therapy”.

Location: Virtual Only

CONTACT: (586) 277-1198; shantaleaj@gmail.com

therapist image

William Kaczur 

My name is William Kaczur, and I am a clinical mental health practitioner. I partner with individuals, couples, and families supporting those suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, ADHD, ASD, PTSD, crisis, trauma, with caregivers of kiddos with cancer, and others directly or indirectly impacted by cancer. I also am a CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) certified clinician  that supports first responders in pre-crisis, acute crisis, or post crisis needs. I have built a collaborative practice with an eclectic approach, but most importantly I focus on meeting individuals, couples, or families where they are on their journeys. Together we create and understand needs, goals, and expectations. I look forward to meeting you where you are.

Location: Virtual Only

CONTACT: (248) 838-9220; william@fairskymi.com 

Janice Kizy pic

Janice Kizy

Janice is a Clinical Social Worker at Mind & Spirit Counseling, LLC. She obtained her Master’s Degree from Wayne State University and has 20 years of experience working with children, individuals, families and couples. Being fluent in English, Chaldean & Arabic, Janice uses her language skills to provide a comfortable environment for clients who prefer using their native language.

Through her years of experience, she recognizes emotional healing is part of a bigger process and requires balance of mind and spirit. In order for the mind to heal, the spirit has to find willingness to work. She recognized early on in her career that building rapport, creating a
safe environment and making accurate assessments of client needs is key to improving outcomes and achieving goals.

Working with children age 5+, adolescents, adults and couples, she uses a variety of techniques such as: art, sand, and play therapies to meet client’s needs. Her special populations include grief and loss, trauma, family support, managing life changes, patient advocacy, depression and anxiety. Janice brings reality to situations, encouraging clients to make practical choices, with hopes to bring healing for those open to the process.

Location: Sterling Heights; Virtual

Bilingual: Arabic; Chaldean; English

CONTACT: (586) 859-0030; janice@mindspiritcounseling.com

Shaw headshot

Norma Keil Shaw

Norma Keil Shaw attended Wayne State Music School on scholarship and was the co-creator of WSU Music Therapy program and graduated with a degree in Music Therapy. She has a Masters in Social Work from U of M. and has spent 42 years in the field of Medical Social work.

Norma has worked in Michigan, California, Washington D.C. and Maryland, including positions at the Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute and at the Evergreen Health and Living Center in Southfield as a Medical Social Worker/Discharge Planner.

Norma is currently in private practice. She is a breast cancer survivor and looks forward to helping you on your cancer journey.

Location: Virtual Only

CONTACT: (248) 703-4171; normshki@gmail.com


Cindy Lucas

I’ve spent the last 22 years working as a Social Worker and Bereavement Counselor for both hospice and palliative care. I’m well aware of the difficult journey a chronic, serious or terminal illness can be for both patients and families. Families are affected, not just emotionally but financially, spiritually and physically. Everyone is touched by these illnesses, and everyone has their own way of coping. I try and offer support, education, empathy, and hope-no matter the diagnosis. I have been privileged to meet some amazing, strong people. And as they experience remission or healing, celebrate with them. Even the ones that were terminal, have found quality time and strengths, in the midst of grief and sadness.

Location: Jenison; Virtual

CONTACT: (616) 821-6174; cindylucastahoma@aol.com

Jennifer Lukowski pic

Jennifer Lukowski

Jennifer is a licensed professional counselor with over 20 years of experience. She is certified from the Behavior Therapy Institute (BTTI) for the specialty treatment in Tourette’s Disorder as well as in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She is a specialist in therapy with children, adolescents, and adults. Her expertise is in anxiety, depression, grief, adjustment, eating disorders, autism spectrum, tic disorders, behavior modification, parent training, and women’s issues. She also has expertise and training as a life and business coach. 

Location: Clarkston & Troy (opening late 2024); Virtual

CONTACT: (248) 210-5353; jlclaritycounseling@gmail.com

6/12/19 Psychiatry headshots at the Upjohn Center.

Daniela Lopez

Daniela Lopez has acquired a wide breadth of professional experience working in academics, research, and clinical work since 2009. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan and began working at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Depression Center shortly after, assisting in the development and implementation of mental health research studies. Once she obtained her Master of Human Resources and Organizational Development in 2014, she obtained a position within the University of Michigan School of Public Health at the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities, researching HIV-transmission risk-reduction for sexual and gender minority in Detroit and Atlanta, as well as women in sub-Saharan Africa.  This journey in a variety of health settings, and her desire to use her bilingual skills, led her to pursue her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Michigan. Her clinical work is focused on strengths-based, psychodynamic tele-therapy for the culturally diverse community at Community Health and Social Services Center and Embodied Wellness Therapy.

Location: Virtual Only

Bilingual: English; Spanish

CONTACT: (734) 249-9898; daniela@embodiedwellnesstherapy.com

Daniela López ha adquirido una amplia experiencia profesional trabajando en el ámbito académico, de investigación y clínico desde 2009. Recibió su Licenciatura en Psicología de la Universidad de Michigan y comenzó a trabajar en el Departamento de Psiquiatría y Centro de Depresión de la Universidad de Michigan poco después, ayudando en el desarrollo e implementación de estudios de investigación de salud mental. Una vez que obtuvo su Maestría en Recursos Humanos y Desarrollo Organizacional en 2014, obtuvo un puesto dentro de la Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad de Michigan en el Centro de Sexualidad y Disparidades de Salud, investigando la reducción del riesgo de transmisión del VIH para las minorías sexuales y de género en Detroit y Atlanta, así como para las mujeres en el África subsahariana. Este viaje en una variedad de entornos de salud, y su deseo de usar sus habilidades bilingües, la llevaron a obtener su Maestría en Trabajo Social en la Universidad de Michigan. Su trabajo clínico se centra en la teleterapia psicodinámica basada en fortalezas para la comunidad culturalmente diversa en CHASS Center y Embodied Wellness Therapy

Alejandra Medina pic

Alejandra Medina

I graduated from Oakland University with a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling and a Post-Master’s specialization in Wellness Counseling; I hold a Michigan license in counseling and I am a Nationally Certified Counselor. As a bilingual counselor I appreciate diversity and what each person brings to the counseling relationship including their cultural background and their religious beliefs. I also hold a training in Ignatian spirituality which adds to my holistic approach providing to my training a great balance.

My experience includes working with children and adolescents. Through play therapy I provide a non threatening environment for exploration,  decision making, growth and healing. Working with children I always  include their families in the treatment process, considering that everyone forms part of the system and everyone is part of to the healing process. I work with adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, going through divorce, relationship problems, crisis in faith and/or beliefs, stress management problems, family conflicts traumatic life experiences and self-esteem issues. In addition, I have experience working with English and Spanish speaking populations.

Location: Rochester Hills; Virtual

Bilingual: English; Spanish

CONTACT: (248) 840-3376; dyoscounseling@gmail.com

Soy graduada de la Universidad de Oakland con una Maestría en Artes de Consejería y estudios de especialización en Terapia del Bienestar; Poseo licencia para proporcionar terapia otorgada por el Estado de Michigan y soy terapeuta con certificación nacional. También poseo un entrenamiento en espiritualidad ignaciana que enriquece aún más mi enfoque holístico y enriquece mi preparación profesional dándole un excelente balance. Como terapeuta bilingüe, aprecio la diversidad y lo que cada persona trae a la relación terapéutica, incluyendo su riqueza cultural y religiosa.

Tengo experiencia trabajando con niños y adolescentes. A través de terapia de juego proveo un ambiente seguro para la exploración, toma de decisiones, crecimiento y sanación. Trabajo en terapia individual y al trabajar con niños siempre incluyo a sus padres en el proceso terapéutico considerando que cada uno forma parte del sistema; por lo tanto, cada quien puede contribuir en la sanación. También trabajo con adultos que experimentan depresión, ansiedad, que están pasando por divorcio, problemas en sus relaciones, que están teniendo crisis de fe o de valores, que tienen problemas manejando su estrés, conflictos familiares y problemas de autoestima o experiencias traumáticas. Cabe agregar que tengo experiencia trabajando con gente que habla inglés y con gente que habla español.

Jenny Moeller headshot 2024

Jenny Moeller

Jenny has always felt led to walk with those enduring hardship and sorrow with compassion and care. She received her masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Genetic Counseling in 2009. She had the honor of providing resources and support to couples grieving their unborn child’s diagnosis, adults learning they have a terminal genetic condition, and individuals discovering whether or not they inherited a potentially deadly heart condition.

In 2011, Jenny began to grieve through her own journey of “what was supposed to be” when her late husband was diagnosed with cancer 4 months after the birth of their son. In 2013, after 19 months of living with cancer and all that comes with it, Aaron passed away and she started her season as a widowed single mom. Those years shaped her into a person she never expected, revealing strengths, capabilities and joys she never thought possible.

It is Jenny’s passion and privilege to help others who are trying to get their footing after their world shatters. We can’t go back to what was but we can move forward to what is and discover beauty, joy, and hope there.

Location: Rochester Hills; Virtual

CONTACT: (248) 825-3529; jenny@newnormalgriefconsulting.com

Kaycee Morris LLP

Kaycee Morris

Kaycee completed her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Michigan School of Psychology. Kaycee has over ten years of experience working with adults with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, autism spectrum, developmental disorders, learning disorders, ADHD, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Kaycee also has experience working with families and their complex dynamics which have been impacted by mental health and developmental disability diagnoses. She believes on focusing on what individuals can do, versus, what they cannot do and believes that everyone has a maximum potential for established healthy relationships and a healthy self-image. Kaycee conceptualizes cases from a Humanistic point of view and intervenes using a Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach to focus on skill acquisition and reduction of maladaptive behaviors. In therapy, she believes in looking at the person as a whole.

At home, Kaycee is a new Mom and enjoys spending time with her family and dog. She enjoys to travel, especially experiencing the outdoors, and the state of Michigan.

Location: West Bloomfield; Virtual

CONTACT: (517) 575-5759; kmorris@brightpinepsych.com

Judith Persley Headshot April 2021

Judith Persley

Judith Persley is a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in Anxiety disorders, Trauma, Depression, and Life Adjustment issues, including those related to chronic and acute illness.  Her passions include the study and treatment of shame and self-worth, making contributions in her community, and working alongside oppressed people groups in Michigan and in regions of Haiti and Northern Mexico.

She is an accomplished guest speaker and writer on many topics, especially those regarding shame and anxiety disorders. Judith is currently the owner/operator of Creekside Counseling of Michigan in Shelby Township, Michigan, where she practices.

Location: Shelby Township; Virtual

CONTACT: (586) 276-7330; judithp17@live.com

Betsy Ragowsky

Betsy Ragowsky, LMSW is a licensed master’s level clinical social worker with over 30 years of clinical experience. Currently Betsy is a social worker on the inpatient behavioral health unit at St. Mary Hospital in Livonia.  She also works on the hospital resilience team, offering support to employees.

Experience includes being an Account Executive at Beacon health Services, where she managed Fortune 500 accounts, including a team of professional counselors. She has many years of experience as an Employee Assistance Program Counselor, and Outpatient Mental Health Therapist.

Betsy’s father battled multiple myeloma when Betsy was an adolescent, and her mother battled breast cancer a few years later.  These experiences guided her decision to obtain her graduate degree and help others facing similar challenges.

At this time Betsy is offering telehealth support sessions only and would be happy to assist you with setting this up.

Location: Virtual Only

CONTACT: (248) 910-8833; bragowsky@gmail.com


Nathan Reicha

My therapeutic approach is person-centered. I take the time to get to know my clients and their families, and work with them to create a unique plan that best-fits the needs of the youth and their family. Every person and every family are different, and I always strive to honor the unique set of values and strengths each person brings through my door and integrate those strengths into our work together. I utilize a variety of therapeutic interventions including cognitive interventions, sensory-motor interventions, mindfulness, and play therapy in order to meet the unique needs of each individual youth and family.

I am a graduate of GVSU and Western Michigan University, and have a master’s degree in clinical Social Work from WMU. I have over 10 years of experience working with children and adolescents across a variety of settings such as in schools, day camps, residential treatment,
home-based, medical, and outpatient settings. I specialize in working with children and adolescents; and specifically with youth who have experienced trauma. I have worked with youth and families from a variety of backgrounds and situations, and will continue to support any and all youth that come through my door.

Location: Jenison; Virtual

CONTACT: (231) 392-3709; nathanreicha@gmail.com

Graciela Rico

Graciela is a licensed therapist who is bilingual in English and Spanish. She accepts multiple insurances. 

Location: Virtual Only

CONTACT: (989) 996-1594; gsharon07@gmail.com

Adlin Rivera-Sincissen pic

Adlin Rivera-Sincessin

Hi! My name is Adlin, and I’ve worked in the mental health field for over 10 years and would love to help you in your journey to learn more about yourself and your mental health needs.

If you are battling with anxiety, PTSD, depression, substance use, or experiencing any of life’s many hardships and transitions, I would love to serve you and help you identify safe and healthy ways of processing and healing. I can also help with healthy communication, grief, anger management, and trauma. Some evidence-based practices I utilize are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and EMDR. I offer services in both English and Spanish.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Location: Brighton; Virtual

Bilingual: English; Spanish

CONTACT: adlin@anchorpointofhope.com


Semaa Shlebah

I see the human first and foremost. I know that asking for help is not easy but I recognize the strength you carry in being here.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I earned my Master’s from Wayne State University. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with survivors of crime and trauma. I am currently working on my Doctoral degree in Counseling at Wayne State University with a focus on trauma and survivors.

I believe it is important as a counselor to foster a healing therapeutic environment with clients in order to over come challenges such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, family/relationship problems, grief, identity crises, and transitional periods.

Location: Dearborn Heights; Virtual

Bilingual: English; Arabic

CONTACT: (313) 338-6964; sshlebah@sscounselingconsultingservices.com

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أنا مستشار محترف مرخص. حصلت على الماجستير من

جامعة واین ستیت. لدي معرفة وخبرة واسعة في

العمل مع الناجين من الجريمة والصدمات. أعمل

حالی￾ا على درجة الدكتوراه في الإرشاد في جامعة

واین ستیت مع التركیز على الصدمات والناجين.

أعتقد أنه من المهم كمستشار تعزیز بیئة علاجیة

مع العملاء للتغلب على تحدیات مثل: الاكتئاب

والقلق والصدمات ومشاكل الأسرة / العلاقات

والحزن وأزمات الهویة والفترات الانتقالیة.

Sura Shlebah pic

Sura Shlebah

I have a deep calling to help others. My practice is rooted in the fact that I am sitting with  humans who live in, carry around, and see the world in a trauma-informed way; meaning their  very presence is resilient. I strive to create a safe space to foster healing and growth.  My practice is trauma-informed. I have had the opportunity to be present in the journey of  individuals who have struggled with PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief/bereavement, and abuse.  I hold a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan and Master of Arts in Near  Eastern Studies from Wayne State University. I am fluent in both English and Arabic and have  years of experience providing therapy in both languages. I believe in the accessibility of mental  health services to everyone irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status,  and religion.

Location: Dearborn Heights; Virtual

Bilingual: English; Arabic

CONTACT: (313) 384-0267; srshlebah@sscounselingconsultingservices.com

لدي دعوة عميقة لمساعدة الآخرين.

 تكمن جذور ممارستي في حقيقة

 أنني أجلس مع بشر يعيشون في

 العالم ويتحملونه ويرونه بطريقة

مستنيرة للصدمات ؛ مما يعني أن

وجودهم مرن. أسعى جاهدًا لخلق

مساحة آمنة لتعزيز الشفاء والنمو.

ممارستي هي علم الصدمات. لقد

أتيحت لي الفرصة لأكون حاضرًا

في رحلة الأفراد الذين عانوا من

اضطراب ما بعد الصدمة والاكتئاب

والقلق والحزن / الفجيعة وسوء

المعاملة. أنا حاصل على ماجستير

في الخدمة الاجتماعية من جامعة

ميتشيغان وماجستير في الآداب في

دراسات الشرق الأدنى من جامعة

واين ستيت. أتحدث اللغتين

الإنجليزية والعربية بطلاقة ولدي

سنوات من الخبرة في تقديم العلاج

بكلتا اللغتين. أؤمن بإمكانية

الوصول إلى خدمات الصحة العقلية

للجميع بغض النظر عن الجنس

والعرق والتوجه الجنسي والوضع

الاقتصادي والدين


Sasha Sunday Nedeau

Are you ready to start your healing journey? I can help you learn to regulate your emotions and have more control over your feelings. I have a Master’s in Social Work from Michigan State University and have spent the last 9 years focused on extensive mental health, crisis counseling and early childhood development. Whether it’s individuals or families, I can help you navigate the challenges within the juvenile and school systems with students (both general and special education) and also trauma, stress, depression and crisis for both students and adults. I have a multitude of tools including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Protective Factors for families, Self-Regulation, NSSI (Non Suicidal Self Injury), Teen Intervene, InDepth, and Culturally Responsive Minds that we can use to help you or your student move beyond this difficult season of life. I’m looking forward to joining you on this journey and helping you take back control of your life.

Location: Brighton; Virtual

CONTACT: (810) 258-3880; sasha@anchorpointofhope.com

Kathy Thompson pic

Kathy Thompson

Kathy graduated from Wayne State University and received her Masters in Community Counseling and Art Therapy Degree in 2009. Kathy is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered Art Therapist (ATR), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). She has worked in both inpatient residential and outpatient community settings. She has experience working with children, adults and substance abuse populations. Kathy has volunteered at The Children’s Center in Detroit, at Vista Maria in Dearborn Heights and did her internship at Oakland Family Services in Pontiac. Kathy is the director and owner of Wellness Counseling.

“My approach to therapy is meeting people where they are at.  I have always wanted to help others to be their personal best. I enjoy guiding people to see their true potential.”

Location: Southgate; Virtual

CONTACT: (734) 778-0663; kthompson@mywellnesscounseling.com

Cassandra Tluczek

Cassandra Tluczek-Jessee

Hello! My name is Cassandra and I’m a life-long Michigan native growing up in metro Detroit. As the survivor of a critical life illness, I understand what it’s like to go through difficult seasons and how valuable it is to have someone supporting you, showing empathy, and meeting you where you are to create a relationship of trust without judgement. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety, panic, depression, suicide ideation, or relationship issues, I have the tools and training to help you heal. I also focus on how interpersonal, cognitive thinking, and environmental factors play a part in helping you change. When we work together, I’m going to help you create short, and long-term goals so you can see and measure your progress on your journey to a healthy and productive life. 

I’m excited to partner with you on your journey to healing and can’t wait to get started!

Location: Brighton; Virtual

CONTACT: cassandra@anchorpointofhope.com

Teresa V picture

Theresa Visoso-Rangel

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist. I like to provide a calm and compassionate therapeutic space to individuals, couples and families that are struggling with circumstances that might be draining their energy and their ability to be mindful of their own internal resources and needs at such difficult times.

I was born and raised in Mexico City where I was one of ten children in a wonderful family. I am married and have a son and three grandsons. I graduated from medical school from the National University of Mexico. Afterwards, as my husband was transferred to Michigan, I got a master’s degree in Counseling, and a specialization in Couples and Family Therapy.

Through the years, I have experienced the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis in family members, which has given me the opportunity to be part of their support system and made me realize the importance of getting the right support during difficult times. In addition, my own experience of relocation required adjustment to a new life that added personal experience to my professional perspective.

Location: Kalamazoo; Virtual

Bilingual: English; Spanish

CONTACT: (248) 425-6470; tvr.lpc@gmail.com

Soy terapeuta con una maestría en Consejería y con especialidad en terapia de pareja. Mi objetivo es ofrecer un espacio terapéutico tranquilo y empático a individuos, parejas o familias que estén enfrentando circunstancias tan preocupantes, que les dificulte utilizar sus fortalezas personales o responder a sus necesidades en momentos tan difíciles.

Soy originaria de la Ciudad de México en donde viví hasta que me gradué de la escuela de medicina. Cuando llegué a Michigan, estudié la maestría en Counseling y después hice la especialidad en terapia de pareja y de familias.

He trabajado con familias e individuos en México y en Michigan por mucho tiempo, lo cual me ha ayudado a ofrecer servicios bilingües y biculturales. A través de los años, he compartido con seres queridos la difícil noticia de su diagnóstico de cáncer. Los apoyé durante su tratamiento y aprendí la importancia de tener el apoyo necesario durante tiempos difíciles.

Para mi, es un honor compartir un momento en la vida de una persona que desea procesar o reflexionar en sus experiencias.

Michaela Young pic

Michaela Young

Hello! I’m a graduate of University of Houston with a master’s degree in clinical social work. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or past trauma, I would love to be a part of your healing journey. I absolutely love working with trauma survivors and continue to be astounded by the strength and resilience my clients have.

I work with children (8+), adolescents, and adults. My special interests are: maternal health/perinatal issues, domestic violence or narcissistic abuse, anxiety, depression, life adjustment issues and issues related to trauma.

I believe in an empowerment approach that draws from the client’s strengths, while also allowing space to process trauma and life’s difficulties. I use evidence based practices such as MI, CBT, TF-CBT, and various mindfulness approaches in session to help you build insight towards your counseling goals. I would love to work with you to create and work towards your treatment goals and I’m honored to be a part of your healing process.

Location: Brighton; Virtual

CONTACT: (810) 295-1209; michaela@anchorpointofhope.com

Liz Zylstra headshot

Liz Zylstra

“My life feels so out of control right now!” Have you ever felt this way? If your answer is yes, let’s chat! As a therapist, I work to empower individuals and couples to overcome personal obstacles while achieving recovery from addictive behaviors and other life challenges. I strive to help men and women achieve recovery from substance abuse, problematic sexual behaviors, material/relationship struggles, and co-occurring disorders including anxiety and depression.

I have devoted several years to focusing on how struggles with mental illness, substance use and problematic sexual behaviors affect emotional and physical well-being, and I support others as they gain freedom from these behaviors. I offer individual, couples, and group therapy services to help meet the needs of those seeking recovery.

Deciding to tell your story can be a scary process, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re interested in building a life free of these obstacles, please reach out.

Location: Grand Rapids; Virtual

CONTACT: (616) 315-2020; liz.cgcw@protonmail.com


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