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Meet Roxiann: A recipient of the New Day Foundation for Families

How was New Day Foundation able to help your family? 
In April, 2014, I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. It has been really tough. I have been undergoing chemo and had to recently stop my treatment for a while. I am the mom of three great kids. Markesta, my daughter is 28, Reginald is 17 and Caleal is 16.

What does help from New Day mean to you?
I get very emotional when I even hear the words ‘New Day Foundation for Families’ because they are just so wonderful and I’m so grateful. I cannot believe how much they have done for our family. It has made a big difference. I wish there was a way I could say thank you. (We then told Roxiann her words and smiles were all the thanks we need. Her story helps us convey what the help given to these families really means.)

How did help from New Day Foundation for Families impact your family?
My 16 year-old son, Caleal recently spoke at our congregation. He was telling everyone that his mom was really sick and he was worried about how she was going to pay the bills. He was praying to God that something would happen. He then returned home and noticed our truck was gone. He asked about the truck and I told Caleal about New Day Foundation—how they were getting it fixed and helping us with our rent and providing gift cards for food.  Caleal was so touched. He just couldn’t believe that there were people who cared so much and would be willing to help others that they did not even know. I did not realize how much he was paying attention to our situation.

How did you learn about New Day?
I saw a TV news feature about New Day Foundation and how they help families.


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