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Young Boy Needs Bilingual Emotional Support

New Day family Gael

When New Day was introduced to Jeny, a translator was used as the family speaks only Spanish. Her six-year-old son Gael was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was beginning his second round of chemo – an aggressive treatment with many negative side effects for him. His mom was having trouble explaining to him everything that was happening, and he was in a great deal of pain.

To help Gael understand his disease and treatment, New Day connected Gael with a Spanish-speaking therapist who is also familiar with patients who have cancer diagnoses. This combination of therapist specialties can be very difficult and time-consuming for a family – or even a social worker – to locate. New Day now has a network of bi-lingual, licensed therapists with experience helping cancer patients.

Jeny was working at a restaurant, but she was unable to keep her job and care for Gael at the same time. New Day has helped the family with utility bills, and emotional support for both of the kids and mom as well.


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