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Family Struggles To Pay Rent During Child’s Cancer Treatment

When Sylvia’s son Terrill was a senior in high school, he was diagnosed with childhood leukemia. The erratic treatment schedule that would follow, coupled with the stress of the cancer diagnosis on her family, would eventually push her to leave her job at the Head Start program to care for Terrell.

“It was scary as heck quitting my job,” said Sylvia.  “This became my job.  I could not have put that responsibility into someone else’s hands. I am so grateful to God that I have been able to walk through every step of this journey with him.  I had to remain spiritual because I’d lose my mind if I didn’t.”

While Terrill’s dad continued to work six days per week, the semi-truck he owned needed repairs close to $7,000, leaving the family struggling to pay the rent while juggling the costs for cancer treatment.

With the help of New Day, the family was able to bridge the financial gap and focus on their son’s health and recovery.  Last spring, Terrill graduated from high school and was able to walk through commencements to receive his diploma.

“The help was a miracle for us,” said Sylvia.  “It helped replace the income that I would have had – and it made me feel great; it’s not so bad that I’m not working.  Also just being able to talk to someone about the issues – I found that very helpful.”

“It’s been stressful but I still believe he’s in the healing process,” Sylvia reflected.  “By God’s grace, he made it (graduated). He went to school twice per week and did work online when he really couldn’t do it. He walked across that stage and he earned that. We can’t thank New Day enough.”

Today, Terrill is doing well and currently working with Michigan Rehab Services seeking employment as he moves through the maintenance phase of treatment.  Sylvia added that he may consider college or a trade skill program after his treatments are complete.  As the family moves forward filled with hope, they all anticipate him ringing his victory bell in October 2021.


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