Macomb Mom Fights Metastatic Breast Cancer with Smiles

After surviving breast cancer and a double mastectomy in 2014, Amanda was shocked to learn she had metastatic breast cancer in 2018. Yet she has barely slowed down in the wake of her treatment, vowing instead to help others suffering from metastatic cancer.

As a New Day recipient, she was inspired by the hope that New Day spreads to families facing cancer.  Today, she is creating a platform that incorporates positivity and hope for survivors, family and friends of those facing metastatic cancer specifically.

“Cancer can be a lonely, depressing and raging disease, but with a change of mindset…does NOT have to be,” said Amanda.

Amanda is a former elementary teacher and currently a speech-language pathologist who believes in promoting health, communication and a positive mindset on a daily basis. She and her husband Tony have “three spunky children”, ages 5 – 10, and a new nonprofit called Metastatica, which she hopes can one day give back to New Day.

“We at Metastatica hope through our products and insight that moods can be altered, outlooks softened, and smiles created for the long haul,” Amanda writes on her website.

“Many people get very depressed and family want to help,” she explained.  “This nonprofit is a support system: I talk to people who have recently been diagnosed, my husband talks about being the husband of someone facing this cancer, even my kids are talking to other kids about these things. Their friends will approach them and say things like ‘my mommy passed away.’”  It’s given them a different kind of maturity.  At first, I was sad that they had to learn about cancer at such young ages, but seeing how well they’re adapting and growing from it, we’re looking forward to seeing where their career paths take them.”

Amanda notes that a positive mindset, for both she and her children, and keeping herself busy are driving forces for her. Helping others gives her the drive to get up each day.  On that note, she and her family recently participated in New Day’s Celebrity Lip Sync Battle as part of Kim Adams team, who is a breast cancer survivor herself.

“She is such a loving person; her energy was so sweet and kind,” said Amanda.  “I’m not a big crier, but as soon as we had eye contact onstage, I started bawling. All the celebrities at the event were great. Andy Dirks had a great conversation with my son about being tenacious, and as Michigan fans, we loved meeting Devin Gardner too.”