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No One Budgets For Cancer

New Day family photo
Five days before Christmas, Adrianne was diagnosed with Stage III melanoma. As a mother of four young girls, her days were spent homeschooling the kids while her husband worked. When the holiday break arrived, she took advantage of that time to get through her PET scans and schedule her surgery. Her husband, a former aerospace engineer, now works in farming with his family in West Michigan.

The family had a solid financial plan, lived within their means and had just paid off their home last year. However, no one budgets for cancer. The family had a large health insurance deductible that they paid at the end of last year – which is now due again this year. So despite careful planning and budgeting, the gap in finances due to Adrianne’s cancer diagnosis and treatment was now looming large.

New Day helped the family through this temporary financial setback, allowing them to focus on the health and well-being of their family.


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